Welcome to Innovation Foundation

Welcome to Innovation Foundation – your go-to support for education and student empowerment! Founded in 2007 by Mr. Kalpesh Yadav, we originated as the Educational Corruption Elimination Association. Our Second Foundation Chhava Pratisthan is working together and has now evolved into a dynamic force in Pune, Maharashtra, with aspirations to reach students across India.

Our Goal:

Innovation Foundation, with Mr. Kalpesh Yadav at its helm, is dedicated to supporting students in navigating their academic journey. We assist with challenges related to admissions and study, aiming to make education accessible to all.

Encouraging Creativity:

We strongly believe in fostering creativity and innovation among students. Our mission is to inspire them to think beyond the ordinary and create something groundbreaking. Whether it’s a unique idea, a technological innovation, or a creative venture, the Innovation Foundation is here to nurture and support.

Startup Assistance:

Dreaming of starting a business? Innovation Foundation, led by Mr. Kalpesh Yadav, provides guidance and resources to help turn student startup dreams into reality. We’re committed to supporting budding entrepreneurs every step of the way.

Community Care:

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn’t just stand by. Founded by Mr. Kalpesh Yadav, the Innovation Foundation stepped up to provide 60 days of food assistance to students in need, emphasizing our commitment to community support. 

As we grow, Innovation Foundation remains true to its core values of honesty, creativity, and community service. Join us in reshaping education, encouraging innovation, and empowering the young minds that will shape the future. Let’s make a positive impact together!


Kalpesh Yadav

Founder, Innovation Foundation and Chhava Pratisthan

Our Mentors

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-17 at 12.16.29_48bd210d
Dr. Nitin Karmalkar

Ex. Vice Chanceller, SPPU, Pune

Dinkar Temkar

Ex. Education Officer, State of Maharashtra

Pradeep mane aissms principal
Dr. Pradeep Mane

Principal, AISSMS Institue of Information Technology

Harsh Dudhe

Senior Journalist, Maharashtra Times

Ganesh Khaladkar

Senior Journalist, Pudhari Newpaper

Dheeraj Bengrut
Dheeraj Bengrut

Senior Journalist, Hindustan Times

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