Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last Updated: 29-11-2023 22:37:12

Cancellation Policy– Cancellations are considered only if requested immediately e-mail after placing the order. Requests may not be entertained if orders are communicated to vendors/merchants and the shipping process or service is initiated.

Exceptions: – No cancellation requests accepted for perishable items or services.┬áRefund/replacement is possible if the delivered products or services are not as per the description provided.

Damaged or Defective Items:- Report damaged or defective items to e-mail within 2 days of receipt. Requests will be entertained after the merchant checks and confirms the issue.

Product Discrepancy:– Notify via e-mail within 2 days if the received product or service differs from the site or expectations. Customer Service will investigate and make an appropriate decision.

Manufacturer Warranty:– Complaints about products with a manufacturer’s warranty should be directed to them.

Refund Process:– If a refund is approved, it takes 6-8 days for processing. Chava Pratishtan and Innovation Foundation aims to assist customers with a liberal cancellation policy while ensuring prompt resolution for quality-related concerns.

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